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Welcome to Soulstice Gardens homestead and animal sanctuary!
Breakfast this morning. Homegrown kale and potatoes
Happy #Easter morning to all. The sun is out, peacocks are calling through the trees backed up by a
Flora, Cedar, Salal, and Amber..
Part of the lower garden
Mattie is so gorgeous. 💖 I love that we left his hair to grow long
Rainbow kraut and oil infusion of_ St. John's Wort, Yellow Dock, White Clover, and Comfrey. ✨🌻✨🌙✨�
Fire in the lower garden a few nights ago
🌺✨Foxglove Fairyland✨🌙_._._
Spring time on the homestead
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Nook and Cranny Gardening, Intensive Vegetable Production and Food Forestry are a few of our adventures in gardening. Using Permaculture to integrate systems and reduce the labor load allows for easy hand tending. No tractor here!

Meet our Sanctuary Animals that will live out their lives in a forever home. Not only do they live in peace, bring joy, and contribute to a resilient homestead, but they serve as ambassadors helping to promote a vegan lifestyle. 

Our Cob Rocket Stoves are a popular activity and market item. They are functional works of art, perfect for a back porch or garden. These efficient stoves boil water in minutes and cook excellent meals from easy to gather sticks. Come to the farm and take one home or try your hand at making them!

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